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Want to know how to get that instant glamour you see in all the magazines?  What it’s really like working with celebrities? Did you even know that celebrities wear Lola’s Lashes? 

We interviewed Emma Osborne (@eosborne_makeup) about her life as a celebrity make-up artist to get the full story behind some iconic looks you will have seen on a range of famous faces. With an impressive career and loyal client list,  Emma’s artistry is truly flawless. Oh, and have we mentioned… She loves Lola’s, the best false eyelashes out there!

Lola’s: So, tell us, who is on your list of clients?

Emma:  My client range varies from Anne Marie / Rita Ora / Nicole Scherzinger / Chrissy Teigan / Emma Bunton to Emma Watson.  

Lola’s: How did you get into make-up?

Emma: I studied at LCF - London College of Fashion! I then took a part-time job at Makeup Forever which helped me build my kit and enabled me to meet other make-up artists who I pursued to try to assist them on shoots. Assisting is paramount to the job and is the best way to move forward in the right circles. After 5 years of training with various make-up artists from fashion shows to tv commercials and videos your loyalty, perseverance and hard work slowly pay off!

Lola’s: What makes Lola’s Lashes different from the other brands that you’ve used?

Emma: They are quick and easy! No mess or fuss, just a simple eyeliner and voila they are on! Come rain or shine they will stay put.

Lola’s: What is your favourite Lola’s lash style? And Why?

Emma: I think Sapphire... I love to work with a natural base and if I want I’ll add and cut or place another layer to the outer corners for extra effect.

Lola’s: What is it like working in the beauty industry? 

Emma: I love what I do. I think you have to, it can be very demanding and exhausting! Some days I can have three jobs all over London and others I can literally travel to three different countries over a few days! It’s a very social job, you’re constantly meeting new people and every day is different so you’re never going to get bored!

Lola’s: What is your favourite trick that you learned in the business?

Emma: I think the industry has covered all angles now with every type of make-up! I think I improvise more mixing products and creating different colours and textures.

Lola’s: What have you learnt working in the beauty industry?

Emma: To be patient!!! That’s so important in all areas… From starting out to being on set to long days and working alongside celebrities 

Lola’s: What is your dream career goal?

Emma: I’ve achieved so many goals over the past 18 years. I'm lucky to be working with fabulous people in an industry which I love so I hope I sustain this and enjoy the journey.

Lola’s: Any advice for upcoming makeup artists?

Emma: Assist and get out in the field and really learn your craft from the best! How to behave and act on set is important, to be conscientious and offer your help at all times. You have to really want to be an artist as it’s extremely competitive! Hard work and dedication will pay off, there will be some knock backs along the way!

Watch Now - Flick & Stick Precision Adhesive Eyeliner with Emma Osborne.  As seen on Glamour.

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