Pro Artist Flick & Stick Lash Kit

$74.00 $92.00
The Pro Artist Bundle from Lola's Lashes contains everything you need to create a range of on-trend make-up looks whether you are heading to brunch or heading for a night in the city.
Our Jade and Sapphire Vegan Strip Lashes give you everyday elegance and added definition while our Diamond and Amber Lashes turn up the volume for dramatic evening eye makeup.
  • Contains 1x Flick & Stick 2 in 1 Adhesive Eyeliner Pen in either Black or Clear, 1 x Jade Vegan Strip Lash, 1x Amber Vegan Strip Lash, 1x Sapphire Vegan Strip Lash, 1x Diamond Vegan Strip Lash
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free lash brand with zero mink!
  • 2 in 1 Adhesive eyeliner applies via a precision pen for perfect lashes in under 30 seconds
  • Lashes apply straight to your eyelid rather than to the lashes for no natural lash damage
  • Easy & Fast - Apply in 30 seconds
  • 30+ uses in every set
  • Kinder to eyes than glue
  • No Glue so no clumps!
  • Premium quality ingredients - unique to Lola's formula
  • Non-Magnetic Liner and Lashes


Tired of lash glue? Want a precision application that skips the mess and is kinder to your natural lashes? You need the Flick & Stick Adhesive Eyeliner Pens from Lola's Lashes! The 2 in 1 Adhesive Eyeliner comes in this complete lash bundle with our tapered cat-eye Diamond Lash, full volume Amber Lash, subtle lengthening Sapphire Lash and everyday definition Jade Lash so you can create a glamorous look in a flick of a pen!

The Flick & Stick Adhesive Eyeliner Pens are exclusive to Lola's Lashes and we are the first to bring this innovative formula to the USA.

Choose a natural look with the Clear Pen or create a dramatic finish with the Black Pen.




Length  6-10mm
Band width – 32mm

Your lash look – modern, effortless, naturally pretty 
Your look  minimal makeup but stylish and put together
Your type – you love natural beauty and want to enhance rather than transform you look


Length  6-11mm
Band width – 32mm

Your lash look – classic, timeless, polished
Your look  effortless glam from morning to night
Your type – classic, considered, but always on point


Length  7-12mm
Band width – 37mm

Your lash look – sex kitten, modern retro, pretty
Your look  the perfect balance between natural and striking
Your type – stunningly beautiful without trying too hard


Length  6-13mm
Band width – 32mm

Your lash look – unafraid to be false, fun, playful
Your look – unapologetic and confident to rock the look you want
Your type  Kim K all day, every day


Length  8-14mm
Band width – 37mm

Your lash look – dark, mysterious, glamour
Your look – full and thick lashes for intense eye contact
Your type  bold glamour that will have them asking 'who's is that girl?!'


Length  9-15mm
Band width – 32mm

Your lash look – dramatic, glamourous, modern
Your look – insta-ready and on-trend
Your type  all eyes on you for all the right reasons


Length  8-16mm
Band width – 32mm

Your lash look – bold, brave, more is more
Your look – on fire and fearless
Your type – you want to stand out from the crowd

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