Ruby Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

$40.00 $50.00

She brings the drama and the volume. That’s why we love her!

For occasions that require a little added drama, transform your eyes with our Ruby lashes. Full, fluttery and with enough wow-factor to get you noticed, they’re an easy way to dial up your look with no effort required.

This magnetic lash kit includes our Brand New Magnetic Liner Cleansing Balm, the first remover on the market that effectively melts away magnetic liner leaving no residue and taking the hassle out of your makeup removal.

  •  Lash Length: Shortest length - 8mm, Longest  - 16mm
  •  Lash Band Width: 35mm
  •  Best Suited to: Those looking to spice up their look with a sassy statement lash
  •  Eye Shapes: Almond, Monolid and Deep Set Eyes
  •  Kit Contains: 1x Ruby 6 Magnet Lash, 1x Black Magnetic Eyeliner, 1x Magnetic Liner Remover Balm

How to apply magnetic lashes - ruby


At Lola’s Lashes, we have said goodbye to our toxic relationship with lash glue and are 100% committed to our amazing No Glue Falsies!

Not only are Magnetic Eyelashes and liners easier to apply than traditional glue-on lashes, but they are also 100% Vegan too and contain No Latex.

Did You Know? Lash Glue is the most toxic item in any makeup bag! That's why 100,000’s of customers have switched to magnetic lashes.

We are also the first magnetic lash brand to bring our customers a better way to remove your magnetic eyeliner with our new magnetic cleansing balm. Our Cleansing Balm doubles up as an eye makeup remover and gently melts away your magnetic liner, making it easy to wipe away any residue without rubbing or irritation.


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